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Generate long text matching data with an LLM to later on train an embedding model.

GenerateLongTextMatchingData is a Task that generates long text matching data with an LLM to later on train an embedding model. The task is based on the paper "Improving Text Embeddings with Large Language Models" and the data is generated based on the provided attributes, or randomly sampled if not provided.


Ideally this task should be used with EmbeddingTaskGenerator with flatten_tasks=True with the category="text-matching-long"; so that the LLM generates a list of tasks that are flattened so that each row contains a single task for the text-matching-long category.


  • language: The language of the data to be generated, which can be any of the languages retrieved from the list of XLM-R in the Appendix A of

  • seed: The random seed to be set in case there's any sampling within the format_input method. Note that in this task the seed has no effect since there are no sampling params.

Input & Output Columns

graph TD
    subgraph Dataset

    subgraph GenerateLongTextMatchingData


Generate synthetic long text matching data for training embedding models

from distilabel.pipeline import Pipeline
from distilabel.steps.tasks import EmbeddingTaskGenerator, GenerateLongTextMatchingData

with Pipeline("my-pipeline") as pipeline:
    task = EmbeddingTaskGenerator(
        llm=...,  # LLM instance

    generate = GenerateLongTextMatchingData(
        llm=...,  # LLM instance

    task >> generate